This latest creation was inspired by Miss Three’s love of playing with fairies. Miss Three wanted to”make a special fairy house” so I created a canvas, in the form of a miniature house for each of my children to paint, decorate and then transform into whatever they liked. The special touch was the beaded doors that look stunning when a torch is placed behind them.

Picture 251 miniature houses with beads in glue for door with STARS

The miniature houses minus the lit up doors (shown below). Miss Seven created the house with the yellow roof, Master Five made the house in the middle and Miss Three created the house on the right):

Picture 14 miniature houses - painted and decorated

To create these houses you will need:

– Paper cups

– Kebab sticks

– Pipe cleaners

– Paper

– Tin foil

– Paint

– Embellishments

– Beads

– Cling Wrap

– Glue


To create the canvas I carefully secured two kebab sticks through the base of each paper cup in an “X” shape (as shown below). I then used this to position the pipe cleaners to form a roof like shape. I covered the pipe cleaners with tin foil and then stuck (with masking tape) some paper over this to build up the roof.

Picture 83 canvas for miniature houses

I cut some door shapes out of each house and then it was time to paint.

Picture 99 miniature house canvas

My children each chose  some paint colours for their houses – they each stuck to a colour for their roof and a separate colour for the base of the house.

Picture 115 painting miniature houses

Three painted miniature houses:

Picture 134 miniature houses

While the houses were drying we started creating the doors. We have used this technique before to create lit up Christmas houses (you can see our Christmas lit up houses here).

To create the doors for the houses, place some glue onto cling wrap or grease proof baking paper ( you need to use any surface that will enable the beads to be peeled off once the glue is dry). My children then placed the beads onto the glue that was on a piece of cling wrap.

Picture 103 beads in glue

Picture 110 beads in glue

Once the glue is dry, the beads should easily peel off the cling wrap. I then secured these inside each miniature house to create the door.

Picture 75 beads in glue

Once the paint is dry on the houses it’s time to decorate them and give them some character.

Last but not least, let the creative play begin! These miniature houses make a perfect addition to story telling and small world play scenes.

Picture 267 miniature houses - painted and  decorated