We’ve been busy making some more miniature houses. Our light up miniature houses (which you can see here) have been such a hit, so it was time to make a few more to add to our collection.

Miniature houses collage for blog

This time we used plastic Easter eggs for the roof of each house and the outer case from a matchbox for the bases of our little houses. We made some bases a little taller by sliding one matchbox inside another to add some height.

Picture 4 set up for miniature houses - plastic eggs and matchboxes

These miniature houses were fun to design and create. My older children covered some of the bases in coloured crepe paper and corrugated card (which I had pre-cut into strips to fit the outer case of the matchboxes).

Once the bases were decorated, it was time to choose half a plastic egg for the roof. My children used mostly adhesive gems, ribbon, Washi tape and pom poms for the roof (we used double sided tape to secure the sequins and pom poms to the plastic eggs). The little hole in the top of the plastic eggs also came in handy for creating flags and additional decorative features.

We placed a cardboard circle on top of each base to support the roof.

Picture 16 creating miniature houses - plastic eggs and matchboxes

Picture 5 miniature houses plastic eggs and match boxes

Picture 34 miniature houses plastic eggs and matchboxes

Time will tell who is going to take up residence in these colourful and fun miniature houses! One thing is for certain – these creations  will be the source of lots of imaginative play.