My children get a thrill out of mirror image paintings. You know the ones where you fold a piece of paper in half, open it back out and then paint on one side of the paper. You carefully fold and then press the painted paper together. Then open it to be dazzled¬† by the mix of colours and transfer of paint to make a mirror image. It’s another one of those activities that’s like cloud watching. If you sit and observe the patterns for long enough you see different images in the colours and paint.

Lately, there has been some experimenting with splatting paint onto all of the the paper and then folding it over. Miss Three (as of two days ago) preferred to stick to her new favourite discovery – glitter on her paintings.

Some recent images my cherubs spotted in their mirror image paintings:

An owl by Miss Six

A mummy with her babies. Do you see it? Miss Six explained to me that the mummy was pushing her twin babies in yellow strollers with pink wheels.

A Superhero, complete with a bit of bling, by Master Four (since starting kindy a whole new world has opened up to him with the super hero scene)

A butterfly by Master Four.

These paintings take me back to my childhood. I remember making oddles of these and always excited to see what pattern would be revealed. Do you remember making mirror image paintings when you were a child?