One way to mix it up when it comes to creating with play dough is to add a resource (in this example,  plastic eggs were used) to the play dough table to inspire children to “think outside the box”. Invite children to incorporate this new addition into as many different play dough creations as they can. With Easter goodies now in stores,  plastic eggs are readily available – grab a pack or two, as they come in handy throughout the year for lots of different uses. We have used them to inspire some play dough creations.

A plastic egg inspired a ‘friendly creature”

The plastic eggs with the holes in the top are perfect for poking pipe cleaners and feathers into them. For more fine motor practice children may enjoy threading beads onto the pipe cleaners.

An egg inspired dress complete with hat. Some “pets” for the  girl as well as some flowers and plants in the ” egg garden”.

Then there was this vibrant looking creature.

Challenge children to suggest and experiment with different ways they can use the plastic eggs – fill them with play dough, use them to mould the play dough into egg shapes, use them like cookie c utters to cut out circular shapes from the play dough, stick play dough onto them to transform them into an animal, character, vehicle or whatever your imagination desires. Consider what  kind of creations can be made using these techniques?

It’s all about having fun, experimenting and discovering different ways to use the plastic eggs to create with play dough in new ways.