My children are fans of stamping, so we thought we would try our hand at making our own stamps to create some art.

We used some of our blocks and craft supplies to create the stamps. The craft supplies included: foil (which could be folded and moulded to create different shapes), straws, foam stickers, coloured matchsticks, pom poms and pipe cleaners.

Picture 8 DIY stamps

To create the stamps it was a matter of gluing the  different bits and pieces onto the blocks.

Picture 12 creating DIY stamps

The stamps created:

Picture 23 DIY stamps

We made some predictions about which stamps we thought might work well (produce clear images). The foil stamps didn’t fare so well.  The stamps that produced the best results were those containing the pom poms and foam stickers.

Picture 25 DIY stamps

We left our stamps to dry over night.

The next day, after examining the different shapes and patterns,  we brainstormed ways the stamps could be used to create a picture.

Picture 447 DIY stamp painting

Miss Four loved the idea of filling her page with lots of colourful images from the stamps.

Picture 451 DIY stamping

It was a fun creative challenge to come up with ways to use the stamps to create pictures. The pictures created included:

Miss 7 created an elephant

Picture 56 DIY stamps Elephant

Miss 7 (with some help) also created “Giant In The Woods”.

Picture 584 DIY stamping Giant in the Woods

Miss 7  had a few attempts  at creating a butterfly and ended up creating this beautiful one:

Picture 575 DIY stamps Butterfly

Master Six used the DIY stamps to create a house.

Picture 564 DIY stamping House

Master 6 also created a fantastic robot.

Picture 572 DIY stamps Robot

Miss Four was keen to make lots of abstract art.

Picture 582 DIY stamps Abstract

DIY stamps Collage for blog