I enjoy seeing different types of Christmas trees and the way materials can be used and manipulated to make a unique Christmas tree. A couple of years ago we experimented with making a paper doily Christmas tree and this is what we came up with:

Materials used:

– Paper doilies (white or coloured)

– Cone shape (in this example a manilla folder was used)

– Sticky tape

– Materials to decorate the tree – pom poms, beads, sequins, ribbon


– Make a cone shape from a manilla folder. Other options include buying a pre-made cone shape such as a  polystyrene one from a craft store.

– Cut out different sized circles from the centre of each doily. This part is largely trial and error as it depends on the size of the doilies and the cone. Basically, you want to cut out circular shapes of different sizes so that the doilies can sit at different heights on the cone. Larger circles to fit the bottom of the cone shape and smaller circles to fit the top.


– Invite your child to arrange the doilies in the order they need to be placed on the cone – the doily with the largest circle cut from the centre first, second largest circle next, until you come across the doily with the smallest circle cut from it (which will be the final doily to be placed at the top of the cone)

– Carefully slide each doily down the cone (a small piece of sticky tape at the back of each doily may be required, we had to slightly fold and bunch some doilies to sit neatly and secure with a piece of tape).

– Once all of the paper doilies are on the cone it is time to decorate.

There are many different ways you could decorate your paper doily Christmas tree. Some ways we found that worked best included:

Threading a bead onto Christmas hooks used to attach decorations to a Christmas tree and then hooking this onto the outer edges of the doilies.

Another idea involves winding a small piece of pipe cleaner around a pom pom and then hooking the pipe cleaner through a small opening in the edge of the doily.

Gluing smaller items such as sequins works well, but we found the paper doily was too fine to use to glue to secure larger items like pom poms.