Do you ever have flashbacks to when you were younger and remember an art or craft that you enjoyed? Over the weekend my husband remembered making and playing with paper puppets and was keen to show our cherubs these creations.

My sweets showing our children a paper puppet in action (Don’t you love how intently all three of our children are listening!)

Picture 052 paper puppets

To make these paper puppets you need some white paper. We used a combination of A3 as well as A4 sheets.

Picture 048 paper puppets

Some serious folding needs to be done first.

Step 1 – fold the paper (lengthways) in the same direction over and over (about the width of two fingers).

Step 2 – Holding the paper lengthways, fold it in half.

Step 3 – Hold the two ends and then fold them back in half again (in the opposite direction).

Step 4 – The end result should be a capital “M” looking shape of folded paper  (as seen in the photo above)

Once you have your “M” shaped paper it is time to let the creative juices  flow and create all types of characters and animals.

You have four sections to create with – the first square/section is where you create a face (eyes, nose and upper part of mouth). The second square/section can be left blank or used to illustrate the upper part of inside the mouth. The third square/section is where  you draw the inside of the mouth and the final square/section is used to draw the chin and neck.

Picture 006 paper puppets

Then you pop two fingers in between the folds at the top of the puppet and thumb in the bottom folds, get your crazy character voice on and have fun with your new puppet.

Picture 088 T with paper puppets

What are some art activities you remember doing when you were a child?