Miss Seven was rummaging through our collection of recycled materials and decided that creating with paper towel tubes would be a fun creative challenge. She wasn’t wrong!

Miss Seven’s first creation was a rocket. She was particularly proud of the fact that she did not use sticky tape to secure the boosters to the frame of the rocket and instead cut slits to secure these.

Picture 116 paper tube rocket

The next plan was to create a scarecrow, which then evolved into a man with a hat. There was lots of problem solving (and sticky tape)  involved with this creation as Miss Seven was determined to create a free standing person. Miss Seven wanted to create the facial features with paper tube as well. We brainstormed and experimented with different ideas. I helped Miss Seven to create and secure the eyes.

Picture 105 paper tube man

Together Miss Seven and I came up with this character.

Picture 109 paper tube character

While we were busy making our pieces, my husband whipped up this castle:

Picture 112 paper tube castle

Like any creative challenge, there were plenty of opportunities for creative problem solving.

– Miss Seven came up with original ideas and it was all about the process of creating.

– There were problems to be solved and this involved proposing various solutions, testing them and learning through trial and error. For example, how to secure one part of the creation to another and how to make the man balance.

– There was lots of tinkering as solutions to problems were tested. If I move this a little to the left what will happen? Maybe I need to add some support here, or will this change make it too heavy and then it might fall?

– Sometimes the original idea was modified to create a solution to a problem.

– Persistence and tinkering led to discoveries and gaining new skills.

Paper Tube Creations Collage for blog