Lately we have been creating  some fun games that are designed to get the creative juices flowing.  One game that we have made up involves creating themed pictures with yarn and matchsticks. If you do not have yarn and matchsticks on hand, you could substitute these supplies with other craft items such as straws, pom poms, feathers, gems, buttons, pipe cleaners etc.

To play this game, each player has a turn at suggesting a category – it might be birthday, summer, animal, food, clothing, a place such as the park or beach etc and then each of the players have a set time to create a picture using yarn and matchsticks that relates to the category.

Picture 58 yarn and matchstick invitation to create

Some examples of recent creations we have made include the following:

Miss Eight chose the theme “birthday”. Master Six and I created a birthday cake. Miss Eight used the yarn and match sticks to make a cupcake in response to the birthday theme.

Picture 72 yarn and matchstick creation - birthday cake

Picture 82 yarn and matchstick creation - cupcake

Another theme we had was “outside”. Master Six responded to this by creating a tyre swing and Miss Eight and I came up with a butterfly and mushroom.

Picture 73 yarn and matchstick creation - tyre swing

Picture 75 yarn and matchstick creation - butterfly and mushroom

Another popular category is “flower”.

Miss Eight’s flower creation:

Picture 86 yarn and matchstick creation - flowers in vase

Master Six created a single colourful rainbow flower:

Picture 89 yarn and matchstick creations - flower

Most of our games involve the animal theme.

Miss Eight has created a cat.

Picture 95 yarn and matchstick creation - cat

Master Six came up with the idea of a snake.

Picture 104 yarn and matchstick creation - snake

This fun creative thinking game is simple to set up and can be easily modified by including different combinations of craft supplies.