On a rainy afternoon, we decided to get the creative juices flowing by using plastic eggs to create a collage on contact.

A couple of weeks ago, my children really enjoyed creating art with plastic eggs when they incorporated the eggs into some paintings to create gorgeous pictures. You can see the plastic egg inspired paintings here.

This time, we opted for a mess free creative challenge and used contact (the sticky side facing out) as the canvas.

Picture 9 plastic egg inspired contact collage

The set up involved sticking some sheets of contact onto our wall and also included plastic eggs and a selection of craft supplies (shape stickers, coloured craft fuzz, feathers, pom poms, pipe cleaners and googly eyes).

We also added Blu-Tack to our supplies as we found that we needed to place a small amount of Blu-Tack under each plastic egg to secure it onto the contact.

Picture 33 plastic egg inspired contact collage

After carefully thinking about some options and exploring possibilities, Miss Seven came up with plastic egg fish. In fact, she was trying to insert pipe cleaners into the top of her plastic egg to create a rabbit, but Miss Seven was not experiencing the outcome she was hoping for with this. All was not lost when we considered other possibilities and discovered that once the egg was turned on the side it resembled a fish. Gotta love an accidental discovery and yet another example of the fact  that sometimes solutions to problems can be found in “mistakes” made.

Once Miss Seven had the idea of creating fish, she decided to complete her piece by adding some elements to create an underwater scene.

Picture 63 plastic egg inspired contact collage - under the sea

Master Five’s creation cleverly evolved as he stuck a blue egg on the bottom of his piece of contact. He wanted to use this as a body for a dog. Master Five then created a colourful garden for the dog.

Picture 72 plastic egg inspired contact collage - in the garden

Miss Four was quite content covering plastic eggs in stickers as well as transferring pom poms from egg to egg. Miss Four was also having lots of fun “cooking treats” as she filled the plastic eggs with the craft supplies and then served them as cakes and desserts.

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