With Easter in my children’s thoughts, it was time to bring out our plastic egg collection and get creative. Miss Seven suggested we transform our eggs into people and all sorts of characters.

We gathered some art and craft supplies and put on our creative thinking hats as we brainstormed possible ideas and ways to turn visions into creative pieces.

Picture 184 plastic egg creations

Miss Seven spotted some tulle in our fabric scraps and this was just the piece that inspired her  first egg character – a ballerina (featured in the photo below on the right).

Picture 235 plastic egg creations

Miss Seven was keen to create a tutu for her plastic egg character. Well, there were lots of  “failed” attempts before Miss Seven achieved the look she was after. My children are beginning to appreciate that a “fail” always teaches a lesson and brings you one step closer to success, it is not a bad thing at all. In the past we have made no sew  tutu’s and Miss Seven was keen to replicate this method (creating a knot with the tulle over the waistband). But, this didn’t work because we were dealing with stiff and short lengths of tulle. It became apparent that other options needed to be considered. After some brainstorming, we were excited to find that a pipe cleaner acted as the perfect waist band because Miss Seven was able to bunch up the tulle and thread it onto the pipe cleaner. To complete the tutu my daughter placed a sticker ribbon trim just above the tutu and secured some flower embellishments to the bottom with glue squares.

The next problem solving task was working out how to ensure the ballerina egg was free standing. With some help, Miss Seven was able to create legs, out of black foam pieces (which needed to be positioned just right), complete with pink pom poms as ballet slippers!

All of the pieces on the eggs were secured with glue dots of various sizes or clear tape.

Miss Seven also created a ballet teacher, featured in the above photo on the left.

I am convinced that Master Five can turn nearly anything into a dog. It was no surprise to us that he was going to create a plastic egg dog.

Master Five’s creations:

Picture 210 plastic egg creations

Master Five created a “monster egg with an open mouth” as well as his sweet little yellow puppy.

Miss Three, with some help, also made some plastic egg creations.

Picture 274 plastic egg creations

You know this was done on the weekend when my husband is also involved. We also created some characters and together with our children came up with these:

Picture 284 Plastic egg creations

My husband came up with the idea of using candle holders as little eggs to create  free standing characters.

Picture 265 plastic egg creations

All of these characters have been and will no doubt continue to star in stories, small world play as well as be  the source of inspiration for houses – whether these be constructed with blocks, Lego or boxes.