We’ve been on a bit of a roll with using our plastic egg collection for creative purposes. We have created plastic egg characters which you can read about here and more recently we combined our eggs with paint to inspire some wonderful paintings.

Picture 114 plastic egg inspired paintings

My two older children positioned plastic eggs onto their paper and then incorporated these into a scene (they chose how many eggs they wanted to use for each painting as well as the where they were going to place the eggs). They stuck a couple of pieces of Blu- Tack on the rim of half an egg to secure it to the paper.  Miss Three started using the the rim of half a plastic egg to stamp on her paper, but preferred to paint pictures (minus the eggs) instead.

Some of the creations:

Turtles on the beach (by Miss 7):

Picture 231 plastic egg inspired paintings - turtles on the beach with heading

Snails in the strawberry patch (by Miss 7):

Picture 237 plastic egg inspired paintings - snails in the strawberry patch with heading

The girl in the red dress (by Miss 7):

Picture 249 plastic egg inspired paintings - girl in red dress with heading

Happy face  (by Master Five)

Picture 253 plastic egg inspired painting - face with heading