It’s that time of  year again – all things Easter are appearing in the shops. This is  the time of year I think about different ways we can create and play with our plastic egg collection.

Plastic eggs are an inexpensive and versatile resource to have on hand. There are so many creative ways to enjoy them. They have inspired several art activities and imaginative play experiences in our home.

Plastic eggs for art and play

Six unique, enjoyable and memorable ways we have been inspired by plastic eggs include:

1. Creative Challenge – use the plastic eggs to create a character.

Plastic egg characters get the creative juices  flowing as you problem solve ways to create a free standing character (we discovered that birthday candle holders make pretty cool legs), or work out ways to secure a piece to the plastic egg to achieve the desired outcome. It’s all about combining the plastic eggs with a few craft supplies (or whatever you have on hand), letting your imagination run wild and creating a fun character. My children really enjoyed playing with their creations and they featured in stories and small world play scenes.

Plastic egg characters by Creative Play Central

2. Plastic egg inspired paintings.

Challenging yourself to create an artwork that features a plastic egg, or two, is a fun challenge that inspires creative thinking. Next time you paint, why not try including some plastic eggs on your canvas and create some plastic egg inspired paintings.

Plastic egg inspired paintings - Creative Play Central

3. Plastic egg contact collage.

Contact and plastic eggs make a unique and enjoyable combination for a minimal mess creative artwork. A plastic egg contact collage inspires imaginative thinking as children are inspired with the addition of plastic eggs to create characters, modes of transport and scenes with the eggs.

Plastic egg inspired contact collage - under the sea

4. Miniature houses.

Plastic eggs come in handy when designing and creating miniature houses. We do like all things miniature and were inspired by plastic eggs to come up with some different designs for several miniature houses for imaginative play.

Miniature houses by Creative Play Central

5. Plastic eggs and play dough.

 Plastic eggs are a useful resource to have on hand when creating with play dough. The base of  the plastic eggs can be used like cookie cutters to cut out circle shapes; the plastic eggs can filled with play dough and used as a mould; some plastic eggs have a small hole in the top of them which means pipe cleaners,  feathers and thin pieces can be inserted in this hole. Adding play dough to plastic eggs can transform them into characters, a car, an animal or whatever your imagination comes up with.

Plastic egg inspired play dough creation

6. Plastic eggs and Kinetic Sand.

Another much enjoyed combination in our house is plastic eggs and Kinetic Sand.

Plastic eggs and Kinetic Sand

Easter themed sensory play - plastic eggs and kinetic sand