We thought we would kick off the New Year with a play dough creative challenge. We decided to see what creations we could make inspired by different coloured play dough circle shapes.

Invitation to create: different coloured (and sized) play dough circles as well as some tools to create with. We also had more play dough on hand to add to the circle inspired pieces.

Picture 100 play dough circles

We have done this sort of activity before (substituting play dough for stickers or drawing the shapes). I wrote about a creative workout using shape stickers in this blog post.¬† I also use this activity a lot when we are waiting (in places like doctor’s surgeries or at restaurants). Instead of using play dough I will draw some circles, squares, triangles or whatever shape on a piece of paper and invite my children to add to the shape to create a picture.

This is what our family came up with for our creative play dough challenge:

We had a bit of a party theme going on as Miss Seven created an ice cream cone and together Miss Seven and I made a bunch of spotty balloons.

Play dough circle inspired creations - party for blog

Dogs came to mind for Miss Seven and Master Five when they were coming up with ways to create with the circles pieces. Miss Seven used the circles for features on the dog’s face (on the left) while¬† Master Five used a circle shape to create the head of his dog.

Play dough circle inspired dogs for blog

Miss Seven created a butterfly and caterpillar.

Play dough circle inspired creations - animals for blog

Master Five made the apple, flower and apple tree featured below.

Play dough circle inspired creations - apple and flower for blog

Miss Three made the face on the left and my husband used some circles to make the creations on the right.

Play dough circle inspired creations - faces  for blog

Miss Three also wanted me to make a bird for her. So I followed her directions to create the bird below.

Picture 129 play dough circle inspired creation - bird