When it comes to creating with play dough there are many sources of inspiration that we have used to mix it up, for example, we have used birthday cake cookbooks to inspire pieces such as dolly varden play dough creations. Another popular play dough experience and one my cherubs have enjoyed for several years (in different ways) is creating play dough dress ups.

Materials required for play dough dress ups:

Cardboard cut outs of people (you can either purchase these at a craft store or make your own). To personalise these I added a photo of each family member. Instead of using photos, children could draw faces onto the cut outs.

Picture 010 play dough dress ups cut outs

Picture 026 Set up for play dough dress ups

Other materials required include:

– Play dough

– Embellishments for play dough clothes – ribbon, feathers, gems , sequins, buttons, flowers

– We also used texture plates and lace to create patterns

– Rolling pin and instruments to cut the play dough to cut play dough

As with any open ended creative experience, this activity involved lots of exploring, discovering and learning through trial and error.

Miss Six was keen to create different patterns on her outfits. We often combine lace pieces with our play dough play to make patterns.

Picture 048 play dough dress ups lace print

Lace imprint on pink play dough:

Picture 056 Play dough dress ups lace print

There was also some experimenting with a few texture plates (which I purchased from a local craft store). Miss Six positioned her play dough onto her cardboard cut out and then pressed the texture plate over it. She soon realised the limitations with this method (as it only worked if she wanted to apply the pattern to all of the play dough on her figure). She came up with placing the play dough on the texture plates and then using a rolling pin over it to transfer the pattern. Then Miss Six cut the play dough pieces out according the shape and size she required.

Picture 059 play dough dress ups using texture plates

In the photo below, you can just see the little hearts from the texture plate on the pink play dough on the creation by Miss Six.

Picture 061 creating play dough dress ups

My husband and I created alongside our cherubs (love creating on weekends because my hubby can join in if he  wants to as well) and each family member ended up making at least one play dough outfit. Look at us all decked out in our play dough finery.

Picture 080 play dough dress ups - family

Here’s a closer look:

Miss Six created two outfits – both with patterned skirts and a bit of bling. I think the feather on the headband with a gem looks sweet.

Picture 147 play dough dress ups by S

Master Four completed two outfits as well. He said the one on  the right would make a “fantastic soccer uniform”. It sure would be original with the gems and pink shoes.

Picture 091 play dough dress ups by B

Miss Three also had a go. Miss Three had a clear vision, “a yellow dress with purple shoes”.

Picture 094 Play dough dress up by T

My husband and I also joined in.  Creating together as a family always results in fun conversations, laughs and special memories.

Picture 126 Play dough dress ups T and me

Play dough dress ups is such a versatile activity. You could:

– Have fun with personalised figures like this and create outfits for family members, you might want to design your dream ball gown, or perhaps use play dough to design your next fancy dress outfit you could wear to an upcoming  party.

-Use play dough dress ups when learning about other countries and places (such as outer space). Research the national costumes from other countries to design a play dough costume to reflect the traditions from countries around the world.

– We have also designed play dough outfits to reflect different climates and seasons.

– Why not create a play dough outfit for a favourite character  from a book.