We’re always trying to think of new resources to add to the playdough table to inspire some  fresh, fun and “new” creations.

To record some of  our favourite playdough experiences, I wrote a blog post chock full of inspiring ideas titled: 10 fun ways to create with play dough that can be found here.

Recently, we remembered another idea that we have enjoyed in the past – creating play dough picture scenes.

To create play dough picture scenes, gather different textured items that will create patterns on the play dough as well as a piece of coloured card, or paper, to use as a canvas to  create on.

Picture 031 creating  playdough pictures

We have some patterned rolling pins, texture plates (from the local craft store) and we also use craft supplies (such as different pieces of lace) and household items (straws, buttons, plastic spoons) to create patterns on the play dough.

Picture 008 textured playdough tree

Miss Three was inspired by the different patterned playdough shapes to create some fish.

Picture 025 Playdough textured fish

Miss Seven created a colourful fairy house in a vibrant fairy garden. I really like the rainbow tree!

Picture 035 Fairy playdough scene

Master Five created a “dog garden with a puppy palace and colourful bridge”. Master Five spent a lot of time experimenting with different ways to create leaves for his tree. He loved  the idea of using the “icing tube” (from a playdough cupcake set) to create green long swirls which were rolled into “snails” (as my children call them) to create bushes for his tree.

Picture 055 Puppy playdough scene

From the archives:

Fairy scenes have long been a favourite with my oldest daughter. Several years ago, she created “Fairy beach” featured below:

Picture 207 cherubs and play dough

Fairy beach consisted of colourful fairies at the beach on a sunny day and a rainbow (with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow) over the beach.  The coloured sausage shapes were surfboards. On either side of the beach were two dark blue playdough islands, connected by a red and pink bridge. One island was surrounded by trees and coloured strips of sand.

Picture 217 play dough scene on paper

I’m sure that in the future there will be many more imaginative playdough picture scenes created and enjoyed in our home.