We like to mix it up (literally) when it comes to painting. Miss Four thoroughly enjoys a painting experience that involves lots of mixing so I thought she might enjoy making some puffy paint and creating with it. I had my first experience with puffy paint when Miss Seven was two.

Flashback to first puffy paint experience (it is hard to believe that this precious little baby cuddled up to me is now Master Six and that is my gorgeous curly haired girl who is about to turn eight. It is harder to believe that I actually found this photo!):

Picture 469 puffy paint- first ever go

Flashback continued:

Picture 480 puffy paint - first ever go

Fast forward about six years and Miss Four is trying this same painting experience.

Picture 203 painting with puffy paint

The beauty of this paint is that it is simple and quick to create, it requires common household ingredients and there is a wow factor when you pop it in the microwave to make the paint puff up. Miss Four loved the idea of measuring out the ingredients and mixing them together to create the puffy paint.

To make puffy paint:

We started with  combining 2 tablespoons of flour, 2 tablespoons of salt and then adding some water until we achieved the desired consistency (not too runny, more like a paste consistency).

Separate this mixture into different containers. Add a drop (or two) of food colouring to colour each portion of paint mixture. Stir well.

Apply the paint on card, or watercolour paper and then place the finished painted creation in the microwave for about 20 seconds (keeping your eye on it) to make the paint puff up.

Miss Four’s favourite thing to paint at the moment is flowers so we now have a large collection of vibrant puffy paint flowers.

Miss Four used some different sized circle sponge stamp brushes to create most of the petals for the flowers. We also had cotton buds and thin paint brushes on hand too.

Picture 229 puffy paint flowers

Picture 235 puffy paint flower

Picture 233 puffy paint flower

Picture 225 puffy paint flowers

We ran out of water colour paper so Miss Four also tried painting on black cardboard.

Picture 218 puffy paint flowers

Picture 221 puffy paint flowers

Picture 217 puffy paint flowers

For something a little different Miss Four covered black card with puffy paint and then we used cotton buds to draw flowers on this canvas.

Picture 207 puffy paint flower

Picture 210 puffy paint flower

Picture 254 Puffy paint flower

Picture 258 puffy paint flowers

Puffy Paint Collage for blog