We love felt flowers here. We love them for many reasons, but the main ones are that this is a fun activity with gorgeous outcomes, it’s easy to do and they make lovely gifts, or embellishments to stick onto wrapping paper.

The original source of inspiration for these felt flowers came from Montessori Mama in this post.

The materials used: for younger children having the felt pieces already cut seems to work well. In the photo below there are felt leaves, felt shapes, buttons, pom poms, as well as coloured flower shapes. We also had pipe cleaners for the stem of our flowers as well as one completed flower. I had another activity set up for my son (who at the time was too young for the felt flowers). I had some pens, paper towel, a sponge and small container on hand for him to do some paper towel drawings (whereby he scribbled on the paper towel and then pressed a damp sponge onto his drawings. The water makes the colours disperse)

For the rainbow felt flowers, the first job was to sort the felt flower pieces according to their colour. I had cut up six petal pieces in each colour. Once sorted into colours, it is time to sort the flowers pieces from smallest (violet) to the largest (red pieces of felt)

To start each flower, we wound the end of a pipe cleaner around a pom pom (this was an adult job). The pom pom acted as the centre of the flower and secured the felt pieces so they didn’t fall off. With each of the felt pieces you need to fold them over and cut a small incision, so that you have a small hole to thread the pieces on to the pipe cleaners.

Why not experiment with cutting different shapes and making flowers with unique designs. Emphasise the idea of starting with the smallest shape and then placing larger shaped pieces onto the stem.

Fast forward three years and my children still enjoy making these flowers. Last year for Valentine’s Day, they made the flowers pictured below for their teachers.