When I saw this awesome collection of painted rocks over at ko-ko-ko kids via Pinterest I thought it would be fun for our family to create a collection of rock characters. In the past my children have really enjoyed painting on our boulder wall, so why not use some smaller rocks as a canvas.

The first part of this process involved washing our collection of rocks. Once they were clean and dry, it was time to transform them from plain rocks into characters.

We set about studying the different shapes of the rocks to determine various head and body combinations.

Picture 188 creating rock people

There were lots of enjoyable creative decisions to be made, such as deciding whether to use the rocks to make people or animals; designing clothes for the rock people and coming up with names for each of the characters.

Picture 191 creating rock people

Our collection of rock characters – we ended up with a mix of animals, people and even a fairy house (in the top row, second from the left):

Picture 263 Rock Characters

A close up view of some of the creations:

Picture 111 rock characters

I covered the creations in a layer of Modge Podge and am thankful that I did as these characters have been getting a good workout. They have been featuring in lots of stories and play scenes including play dough villages and block cities.

Each of the characters have been named and when my children mix them up (change the heads and bodies around) they combine the names, for example, my oldest daughter named one of the rock characters Matilda (the one on the end in the photo above) and the one next to her is Ivy. When my children swap the head and bodies of these two characters they then call the new characters Matilvy and Ivyda. They crack themselves up combining the names!

These are such a wonderful addition to our storytelling resources. They are often played with and enjoyed. My children have come up with some pretty spectacular voices and even accents for some of these characters too.