We are on a mission to add some splashes of colour to our backyard (we started with planting some flowers). We thought some artwork could be just the thing our space needed and we have the perfect canvas – our boulder wall which we have used to paint on in the past. This time we focused on the shape of each of the boulders and used this to inspire an artwork.

See those plain boulders in the background, they were just about to receive makeover.

Miss Six and Master Four looked at all the boulders and chose ones which inspired them to create an artwork. Miss Three was given her very own section to create with too.

Master Four was quick to choose the boulders he wanted to use as his canvas. He chose two and said, “These ones look like a dinosaur. Can you see it?”  I love that he had such a clear vision.

I was very lucky to capture a few photos of his dinosaur shortly after he finished it as Miss Three came through with a paintbrush and made her own mark on the dinosaurs face.

Master Four’s described his dinosaur to his sisters and he said, “This is the world’s friendliest dinosaur. It has white spikes on its head and purple ones on its back. A strong yellow tail and colourful red legs”.

The first set of rocks that inspired Miss Six were a couple that reminded her of a house with a chimney, so Miss Six used these boulders to paint a pink house with red and white dots and purple windows. Then Miss Six used chalk to draw the outline of a fairy house on a neighbouring boulder and set about painting that.

The first two creations by Miss Six. What a snazzy looking fairy house and colourful house with a chimney.

Miss Three was in her element too, experimenting with a few techniques. Miss Three started painting with a paintbrush, but quickly found more joy with using her hands.

First her right hand.

(Despite constant offerings of a chair, or mat, Miss Three and Master Four were not at all interested in using them)

Then her left hand.

Our boulder wall was quickly filling with beautiful artworks.

Photo below: All three cherubs creating. You can just see Master Four on the right at the end in the sun working on his final piece. Miss Six is in the middle (on a chair) and Miss Three spent her entire time on two different. boulders.

Miss Six reflected on the shape of the boulders next to Master Four’s dinosaur and was inspired to paint a turtle (my cherubs love to draw turtles).

I love this duo now gracing the back corner of our yard.

Master Four was painting on his final rock, he started with the idea of a fish, but changed his mind. He then wanted to paint a tree, but was not happy with that. In the end, he was going to leave it as a colourful rock until Miss Six exclaimed that it looked like a parrot. Miss Six said “it just needs a beak and an eye”. Master Four was excited by this idea, so a beak was added and voila a parrot now features on this rock.

Here is the parrot all dry:

One end of the boulder wall now looks like this:

Miss Three (sporting some fabulous hat hair) was covered in quite a bit of paint after a morning of creating outside:

She was so happy with herself. Why wouldn’t you be?  We now have a gorgeous wall of artwork created by my three cherubs. They are very proud of their creations (we all are). We  love looking into our backyard from our living area and seeing this artwork. We also appreciate these special works of art when we are playing outside.

Miss Three’s creations were constantly changing as she applied layers of paint on top of each other, mostly using her hands:

After a morning of painting, the corner and back part of the boulder wall now looks like this:

The other section of our wall looks like this:

The entire wall:

The view from our back door and dining area:

We have some more creations planned for this weekend and we are excited about making  more artworks to enjoy outside.