We have a new favourite book in our home! It’s called What’s inside? See Through Pages and Magic Surprises by Okido. This unique book has captivated my children as they hold each of the illustrated pages up to the light (or at night time they have been using a torch behind the pages) to discover what’s inside your body, machines, the world of nature and buildings. There have been lots of oooohs and aaaahs as my children learn and enjoy all of the details on each and every page of this wonderful book.  Not only are the illustrations interesting and a joy to explore, the book also contains lots of interesting facts. This book has inspired my older children to try their hand at some artwork based on Okido’s idea.

Picture 38 What's Inside book

For our artwork, there were several steps we followed. The first part of the process was to illustrate a setting or object. We used watercolours for this and were careful to stick to lighter colours.

Picture 342 creating shadow drawings

Master Five decided to create a piece titled: What’s inside the microwave? Master Five painted the microwave with watercolours.

Picture 414 shadow drawings - microwave

The next step was to draw the contents of the microwave. Master Five drew (on a separate piece of paper) a cupcake for inside his microwave.  I placed the microwave watercolour painting on a window and then placed another piece of paper on top of Master Five’s painting so that I could trace around the microwave (you can see on the cupcake drawing where I traced in lead pencil). This allowed Master Five to see the area he had to create the cupcake in. This second picture needs to be  drawn with darker coloured pens.

Picture 420 shadow drawing - cupcake

Then it is simply a matter of placing the watercolour painting on top of the illustration done with pens and holding the picture up to a light source.

Picture 431 shadow drawing - cupcake in mincrowave

Miss Seven wanted to create a “magical pony land”. Miss Seven started this by drawing her land with watercolour pencils.

Picture 404 Pony Land

Just as I did with Master Five’s creation, I placed this painting of pony land on the window and then placed another blank piece of paper on top so that I could trace where the land meets the sky. Miss Seven used this piece of paper as her canvas to draw (with a black Sharpie pen) some ponies, a tree and flowers to add to her land.

Picture 411 shadow drawings - horses

The finished piece with the watercolour painting on top and the black pen drawing underneath. We glued these two pictures together and hung them on the window.

Picture 448 pony land - shadow drawings