We’ve been taking advantage of  our earlier sunsets and cooler winter nights by experimenting with shadows and shadow play. This has been our go to activity just before dinner and then after dinner we have been using some of our scenes to create stories.

Shadow play collage

For our first night of shadow play (there are more blog posts coming with some other ideas we have since enjoyed) we used  figurines and small toys we had on hand to create shadow scenes.

Shadow play - setting up dogs and bike

Master Six has a collection of dog figurines, so he used a few of these as well as bits and pieces from our Lego to create his scenes. We placed the figurines on our TV cabinet and we experimented with torch placement and the effect it had on the shadow when we moved it closer to the figurines and further away.

Shadow Play - dogs following person on bike

Master Six liked the idea that the bike (pictured below) looked like it was about to go down a hill.

Shadow play - toy bike and person

Master Six rearranged the dogs in different positions to work out which way provided the best silhouettes. He felt  this worked best – some dogs facing the torch light and some on their side which give a nice profile picture.

Shadow play - dogs

The girls were keen to get in on the action and gathered some figurines from their fairy and animal collections.

Fairies having a chat:

Shadow play - fairies

Shadow play - two fairies

Miss Eight created this serene scene:

Shadow play - fairy and unicorn

Miss Eight has been learning about some different effects that can be added to photos. When we were looking at the photos Miss Eight decided that her unicorn and fairy shadow scene needed some stars.

Miss Eight used PicMonkey to add these stars to her scene.

Shadow play - starry fairy and unicorn

The girls put this combination together – a felt fairy house with a porcelain snail trinket box and fairy figurine.

Shadow play - fairy house, snail and fairy

Miss Five loved the idea of the rabbit talking to the unicorn:

Shadow play - rabbit and unicorn

We were keen to see the horses mane as a shadow and this inspired us to experiment with textures and patterns in shadows (more on that in an upcoming blog post)

Shadow play - rabbits and horse

This was a collaborative scene put together by all three children.

Shadow play - tea party

Master Six used his boat money box and a Lego figurine to create this scene:

Shadow play - boat

Coming up with ideas for creating shadow scenes has been lots of fun and proving very addicitve. They make for a great source of inspiration for storytelling too.