Remember our 3D colourful creatures we made from manilla folders? (You can find them in this blog post). They have been hanging out in a colourful land that has been created especially for them.

Picture 077 mythcial creatures small world

Brown paper bag trees are a favourite with my children, so when they created a land for their creatures they wanted to include some of these trees.

To make paper bag trees you need paper bags and whatever embellishments you have on hand to create the “look” you are after.

This is an example of some materials we have used in the past – although these bags were a little small. Medium sized bags are ideal. (I didn’t take a photo of the set up for our trees this time)

Picture 032 materials to decorate paper bag tree

To make a paper bag tree:

Step 1: Open the paper bag, pressing out the base so that bag can stand by itself. Tear strips (about 3/4 of the way down the bag). Leave the bottom quarter to twist several times to form the tree trunk.

Picture 022 step 1 paper bag tree

Step 2: After creating the trunk (larger bags than those featured here would be preferable and allow a longer trunk to be created). Twist the strips of paper  to create the branches.

Picture 023 paper bag tree step 2

Step 3: Continue twisting each of the strips to create the branches. Then manipulate the branches to form your tree.

Picture 027 paper bag tree step 3

Because we made our lands over the weekend, daddy was able to join in the creative fun. Master Five also wanted to create “huts”, not just any huts, he wanted to make rainbow coloured huts!

Picture 072 creating small world for mythical creatures

Together we created paper bag trees as well as huts from cardboard and polystyrene cone shapes.

Featured below are some of the paper bag trees we made for the mythical creature land. For the paper bag trees we used washi tape, craft fuzz, pipe cleaners, beads, pom poms, gems and sequins to decorate them.

Picture 123 small world land for mythical creatures

Picture 121 tree for mythical creature land

Some huts (coloured brad clips were placed in the polystyrene hut):

Picture 126 huts for mythical creature land

Once all of the trees and huts had been created it was time to set up a small world play scene with the mythical creatures.

Picture 111 Mythical creature small world

Closer views of the creations:

Picture 081Mythical creatures small world

Picture 098 Mythical creature small world

After all the creations were made it was time to play, create stories and enjoy the colourful mythical creature land.

Picture 104 Mythical creature small world play

This play scene has been out for a couple of days now. It is wonderful to continue to hear stories about creatures with magical powers, and tales of adventure taking place in the rainbow forest. Do you know if you pull just one strand of thread from the “silk trees” you have a wish granted (I’ve been informed by those in the know that it is exactly like wishing on the first star you see at night)?