This painting activity had my children laughing and giggling as paint splattered all over their paper (and our kitchen).

For this painting experience we used watered down poster paints. Miss Seven poured a small amount of water into each of the coloured paints. My younger children enjoyed stirring the water and paint together The only other items required were plastic spoons and paper.

My children loved practicing and refining their splatter technique. This involved scooping up some watery paint on a spoon. Once the spoon was covered in paint (but not overflowing with paint), turn the spoon so that it is facing down. Use one finger to pull the spoon back and release to create a splat of paint on the paper.

Picture 82 splatter painting with spoons

Splat painting results in fits of laughter as the paint makes some surprise landings – such as Miss Four’s forehead, our ceiling, my face etc!

Picture 85 splatter paintings with spoons

Check out Miss Four’s yellow paint (in photo below) ready to splat. Where will it land? No one knows.

Picture 86 splatter painting with spoons action photo

Picture 92 splatter painting with spoons

See those splats of paint on the edge of our kitchen bench (in the photo below). They were also on our ceiling and kitchen floor.

My husband came home after I had cleaned our children up and was in the process of cleaning the kitchen and said: “Has Pro Hart been hanging out here today?” He actually thought our kitchen floor looked pretty impressive and helped clean it up.

Even though this was messy (and probably better suited to outside), it was easy enough to clean up and definitely worth the mess. My children enjoyed every second of it.

The mess could easily be minimised by placing a drop sheet on the floor and taking the experience outside.

Picture 115 splatter painting with spoons

Here are some of the creations:

Miss Seven’s splatter art

Picture 548 splatter painting with spoons by S

Master Five’s splatter creation

Picture 546 splatter painting with spoons

Miss Four completed a splatter painting and then folded it over.

Picture 541 splatter painting with spoons

Do you spot a creature in Miss Four’s creation? Miss Four folded this out and saw a “funny monster”. She pointed out the eyes, hands and feet. Miss Four wanted to stick some googly eyes on and Miss Seven (with her little sister’s permission) added some other craft supplies to the creation.

Picture 552 splatter painting with spoons turned into creature

My children had a ball with this and have been coming up with some other techniques they would like to try to splatter paint. Next time we will be taking it outside as they have some pretty grand plans which we will be exploring and sharing.

Splatter painting with spoons collage for blog