Miss Five loves to cut and glue. Recently, she had the idea to create a “straw collage” which satisfied her desire to cut up some craft supplies and glue.  Normally, Miss Five takes an abstract approach to her art, however this time she wanted to see if she could make a face with straws.

The first job involved cutting up some coloured straws. We now have a good supply of these – they have come in handy while we have been creating with playdough and we will probably use them in future collage pieces too.

Gluing straws onto paper to create face

Once Miss Five had completed the face, she wanted to make “crazy hair” (her exact words). At this point I was reminded of the straw blow painting technique which I first saw here. I told Miss Five about it and we had a go at this with watercolour paints. She was sold on the idea and thought it would be great addition to her straw collage.

After some experimenting and practice with using a straw to blow watercolour paint across paper Miss Five was ready to add some crazy hair to her artwork.

Miss Five dipped a cotton bud into the watercolour paints and then popped a watery dab of coloured paint onto the paper – close to the straws. Then it was time to take a breath and blow the dab of colour. It was interesting to watch the colour race and spread across the paper.

blowing paint with straw to create hair

Blowing paint with straws

The finished creation:

Straw Art

Mission accomplished: a face created with straws and one very happy five year old!