Are you having an outdoor Christmas celebration, perhaps by the pool or on the beach? If so, add  some colour with these festive Christmas tree sun catchers. They’re a lot of fun to make and there will be lots of ooohs and aaahs in t he process.



– Thick paper (water colour paper is ideal)

– Wax crayon shavings  (perfect for those broken crayons)

– Grater (for the crayons)

– Grease proof paper

– Water colour paints

– Old towel

To make the cardboard tube Christmas tree you need: cardboard tubes, paint if you choose to paint the outside of these and glue to secure the tubes together.

To make the Cardboard sun catcher Christmas tree you need: cardboard, a star hole punch and glue. If you not have a decorative punch you could cut shapes out of the cardboard for the same effect.


Grate different coloured crayons.


– Sprinkle crayon shavings onto the thick paper.

Cover the paper containing the crayon shavings with grease proof paper. Gently iron over the grease proof paper (low setting) to melt the crayon shavings – instead of gliding  the iron, I “dab” the iron for a crisper effect (place an old towel under the paper to protect the surface you are ironing on).

The result once you melt the crayon shavings:

Using water colour paints, paint over the entire piece of paper.

Here are some wax resist water colour paintings using this technique (the real beauty of these is seen when light is behind the paper – either sunlight, torch or candle, so they are perfect for hanging on a window that receives the sun):