One of Miss Four’s favourite activities at the moment is gluing. Miss Four selected¬† five materials from our art cupboard and then used them to create a collage for her most recent creation. Most of Miss Four’s creations are abstract, but Miss Four’s latest combination of resources inspired her to create a collage featuring her kindy friends.

The five collage materials Miss Four chose were: coloured craft sticks, coloured crepe paper, coloured match sticks, buttons and wool. We teamed this collection of resources with coloured paper and felt pens.

Picture 17 collage

Miss Four’s finished piece:

Picture 34 collage

Miss Four enjoyed the idea of selecting only five collage materials and then combining them to create this special piece.

Miss Four’s top five collage materials at the moment are:

– straws (Miss Four enjoys cutting them)

– coloured sand

– shells, leaves and flowers

– her abstract paintings

– ribbon and lace.