Recently my older children decided that they wanted to make some teepees. After a brainstorming session about how we were going to achieve this, a plan was formulated.

We decided to use bamboo skewers, but took some time to work out how we were going to secure them so that it could be a free standing structure. Lucky for us we found the perfect solution in our recycling stash, some packaging from ink cartridges we had recently purchased.

Picture 049 teepee structure

Both of my older children wanted to weave wool around the skewers. The weaving idea was soon replaced with simply wrapping the wool around the skewers. We added some glue to each of the skewers to prevent the wool from slipping and help hold it in position.

Picture 055 Constructing teepees

After the wool was in place it was time to decorate the teepees.

Teepee by Miss Six:

Picture 066 Teepee by Miss Six - S

Both of my children threaded some coloured beads onto pipe cleaners and wrapped them around some of the wool. Miss Six also added some fake flowers and a white feather to the top of her teepee. A couple of gems and some more fake flowers tucked into the base of the teepee finished it off.

Master Five’s teepee:

Picture 072 teepee by Master 5

Master Five often likes to add some craft fuzz (available at craft stores) to his creations, he added some red and yellow craft fuzz to the base of his teepee as well as some pipe cleaners. He also glued some pom poms onto the base of the teepee. The final touch was the addition of some feathers to the top.

Picture 062 teepees

These teepee creations inspired some special play scenes.

Miss Six and Miss Three have been using their teepee as a house for some of their figurines. They have made up some delightful stories full of magic, stories where fairies have special powers and where climbing the teepee and pulling some “golden thread” (aka as yellow craft fuzz) allows the fairy withΒ  the golden thread to have one wish for the world granted. One fairy wished for “no more endangered species in our world” (Miss Six is learning all about different animals that are endangered and has taken a keen interest in researching more about this as well as learning about what can be done to help these animals).

Picture 014 Teepee play scene - fairy play

Master Five (with daddy) set up Pom Pom Land. This has become a construction site where the “boulders” are transported around the land. Lots of sticky tape has also been used here as pom pom sculptures have beenΒ  created with the “boulders’!

Picture 007 teepee play scene

My favourite scene: lots of imaginative play

Picture 023 Teepee play