This game came about due to Miss Four’s request for a gluing game.  It is suitable for younger, as well as older children and proved to be a hit with my three cherubs. This game challenges older children to use a combination of shapes in different ways to create a picture. Younger children can also have a go at this, or use the shapes to create an abstract artwork. It is all about working out innovative and creative ways to create with the shapes.

The Gluing Game Collage for blog

Materials required for the game:

Coloured shapes (you could use coloured shaped stickers too). We used hole punches to create some sets of shapes.

Picture 96 hole punching shapes

Collection of collage materials – for some of the shapes we prepared different sized pieces (the large hearts are post it notes) and it came in very handy to have the different sized shapes. We also included triangle shaped stickers as well as straws (Miss Four likes to cut straws so I had a super eager helper cutting straws for this).

Picture 143 collage shapes and pieces

A legend and  dice.

Picture 145 gluing collage game

To play the game:

Each player has a turn at rolling the die. The number rolled corresponds to the legend, so if a 4 is rolled all players have the choice to use 4 heart shapes in their collage or one (all players create their own collage). Our rule was that you could use either one, or the number rolled, for each shape. We went around the group (4 players including me) between two and five times. We would make a decision about the number of rounds based on each creation – we would give notice and say two rounds to go, one to go etc. At the end of each round we had a minute to use a Sharpie pen to add any details if desired.

Picture 159 gluing collage game

Some of the creations:

Miss Seven announced at the end of a round that she had created “clowns with puffy pants”.  I thought it was very creative to turn the hearts upside down to create “puffy pants”.

Picture 78 clowns with puffy pants

Miss Seven also created these characters:

Picture 75 collage shape characters

Master Six created a man

Picture 68 gluing collage game - person

Miss Four enjoyed counting out the shapes and creating her art.

Picture 73 gluing collage game - abstract art

Some of my creations (with some help from Master Six as he became my team mate part way through the game)

Picture 64 gluing collage game - crazy creature

Picture 70 gluing collage game - crazy creature