Given that I have two fairy loving girls (my youngest who turns three on Thursday has just started enjoying fairy books and all things fairies) we decided to put some of our stash of tie dye tissue paper towards a fairy creation. My eldest daughter thought the colourful paper could be used to make a fairy house.

To tie dye tissue paper see our blog post here.

While Master Four was creating his Easter Bunny house, Miss Six was busy making a fairy house (Miss Two was having her sleep).

To create the fairy house we adopted a similar method to the one used to make the Easter Bunny house (the blog post forย  the Easter Bunny house can be found here)

The tie dye tissue paper fairy house:

The base of the house is a paper mache covered balloon. The process is outlined in this blog post.

The paper mache balloon became the canvas for the base of the fairy house. Using a stanley knife, remove some of the balloon to create a hole in the front of the balloon.

We then covered the paper mache balloon – inside and outside – with some tie dye tissue paper. To make the top of the fairy house, secure (we used masking tape) a disposable bowl (upside down) to a round disposable plate. Then cover in foil to produce the desired shape. Cover in tie dye tissue paper.

Add embellishments to decorate fairy house (most of these supplies came from a two dollar shop). Some of the bits and pieces used included:

My daughter was particularly excited to make a fairy table for a small bottle of fairy dust. We carefully removed the plastic cup from the champagne favour (featured above). We used this as the base for a table. We then cut a circle from cardboard and covered it in tie dye tissue paper. My daughter glued flowers around the rim of the table. Miss Six wanted to make a “teeny, tiny, fairy funnel” to transfer some “fairy dust” into the little jar.

Master four creating his Easter Bunny house and Miss Six creating a fairy table:

The completed tie dye fairy house

I’m sure this fairy house will be included in lots more story telling and imaginative play over the coming weeks.