Easter is the perfect time to tie dye tissue paper as the transformed paper is perfect for Easter baskets. We first stumbled across tie dye tissue paper several years ago (via this blog post) and thought it was something worth trying. Fast forward to now and I think tie dye tissue paper is going to become one of our Easter traditions.


– White tissue paper

– Elastic bands

– Water colour paints or food colouring

– Paper towel


Accordion fold one sheet of white tissue paper

– Fold the top left corner to the right edge to form a triangle (press the crease). Turn the strip of tissue paper over and repeat the process until you have one thick, large triangle.

Once you have your triangle wad of tissue paper, place rubber bands on different areas of the triangle.

Let the dipping begin (either in water colour paints or watered down food colouring). Place different sections of the tissue paper triangles into the water colour paints. You only need to dip the triangles into the liquid for  a second or two. My children usually give our triangles a good soak, hence the paper towel to try and absorb excess moisture. Pat the soaked triangles with the paper towel.

Some wet tie dyed tissue paper (I usually need to leave ours to dry for a couple of days):

Once the tissue papers are dry, carefully remove the bands and gently unfold the tissue paper.

Some of  the beautiful results:

Watch this space, the next few blog posts will be all about the ways we have used tie dye tissue paper for creative experiences.