Many years ago, before children and when I was teaching, I was on a school camp and one of the activities that everyone really enjoyed was designing a structure with toothpicks and marshmallows. I had completely forgotten about this creative challenge until I saw a post over at The Artful Parent all about toothpick sculptures for kids. We had a bag of maize noodles on hand (which I had recently purchased at our local craft store) and we experimented with these and made our own collection of toothpick sculptures.

toothpick sculptures for blog

Picture 4 constructing toothpick sculptures

The plan for these noodles (and we will still do this at some point) was  to create some sculptures with the noodles and water. Water binds these together. But for now, we have learnt that these noodles and toothpicks make a great combination too.

Miss Seven was inspired by the colours of the noodles and wanted to create a fairy house. We worked together to create a colourful, rainbow fairy house.

Picture 11 fairy house toothpick sculpture

Picture 16 toothpick sculpture - fairy house

Master Six wanted to make a bridge that would hold some match box cars. Master Six created a bridge with Daddy and was thrilled that he could place two matchbox cars on it. There were many discussions had about the design of this bridge and Master Six tried out his different theories and ideas.  After several attempts and seeing what did work and what didn’t, Master Six, with guidance from my husband, was excited for the telling moment to see if this structure would indeed hold two cars.

Picture 31 toothpick sculpture - bridge with matchbox cars

Picture 35 toothpick sculpture - bridge with matchbox cars

Miss Four was excited to have access to a Sharpie pen and used it to draw faces. Miss Four came up with the idea of creating people.  Miss Four made the person on the right and inspired everyone else to create quite a few other creations like this.

Picture 40 toothpick sculptures -  people

Miss Seven and I made a rainbow teepee structure.

Picture 24 toothpick sculpture

The pyramid was another collaborative effort by the boys after Master Six asked for some help to make this structure.

Picture 50 toothpick sculptures - pyramid

Picture 55 toothpick sculpture - pyramid

Discussions about pyramids had Miss Seven thinking about other structures around the world and Miss Seven challenged Daddy to create the Eiffel Tower.

Picture 30 toothpick sculpture - Eiffel Tower