The last few weeks have seen us add to our stash of fabric scraps (mostly thanks to my mum who has been creating a whole lot of creative Christmas goodness – think stunning fabric baubles and a sparkly Angel costume for Miss Seven for her end of year school concert). Miss Seven has been keen to incorporate these fabric pieces into her drawings.

Lately, most of my children’s drawings have been created with water colour pencils. My children delight in painting water onto their drawings and then watching how the addition of water transform their artwork. With a collection of water colour pencils and fabric on hand, Miss Seven used the fabric pieces to inspire her creations.

Picture 276 water colour drawings and fabric scraps

Miss Seven used the fabric scraps to re-create her Angel costume. With a little help she came up with this creation:

Picture 287 Angel - water colours and fabric scraps

Miss Seven also added some fabric pieces to her drawing to create this festive scene (fabric baubles on the Christmas tree and fabric dresses):

Picture 323 Water colour drawings - fabric scraps

We have now included some fabric at our drawing table. It has been a fun addition which has certainly inspired some gorgeous creations.