An enjoyable, creative activity  that young toddlers and older children can enjoy together involves coloured pens, paper towel and water – doesn’t that sound like a fun combination?

In the photo above, pipe cleaners were used to frame the artwork. The bottom two butterflies were created using wet paper towel creations. The top two butterflies have been made with tissue paper and decorated with craft supplies.


or you could create cardboard cut outs, pictured below,  if you prefer not to use pipe cleaners.

– Pipe cleaners or cardboard cut outs to “frame” the coloured wet paper towel creations.

– Embellishments – pom poms, beads, stickers, sequins, gems, ribbon etc

– Coloured pens

– Paper towel or dispersing paper

– Sponge or water bottle


Invite your child to use lots of different coloured pends to make small circles, lines, swirls, zig zags and shapes on the paper towel (or dispersing paper). Once the paper towel is covered in colour either press a damp sponge  onto the paper towel, or lightly spray water over the paper towel (place several sheets of paper towel underneath to absorb the colour from the pens). Watch as the water absorb into the paper towel and the colours disperse.

Once the paper towel creations are dry secure them (we used sticky tape) to either  the pipe cleaner frames or onto the cardboard cutouts.

Add embellishments if desired.