A couple of years ago we made a witch and wizard hat which would be perfect for trick-or-treating. These hats could be used as part of a Halloween costume and the brim of the hat serves as a space to store lollipops (gotta love storage on a hat).

We made the hats by forming a cone with black cardboard and adding a black cardboard rim. At the time these were created glitter was big in our home. So we chose to decorate with glitter, stickers and some plastic spider and bug rings .

Picture 094 Halloween Lollipop hats

We cut some small slits in each of the hats to secure some coloured spider and bug rings that I bought from the Halloween section from one of our local cheap shops. Slits were also cut into the brim of the hats so that the lollipops could be placed in there.

Picture 104 closeup of lollipops in Halloween hat

One complete hat:

Picture 083 wearing lollipop halloween hat