After seeing the delightful and inspirational woven art over at Art Bar (click here to see it) my children were very excited to have a go at weaving.  We were inspired to try our hand at a smaller weaving project. Miss Eight suggested making a bookmark and Master Six and Miss Four agreed this was a great idea.

Picture 86 weaving - bookmarks

We followed the detailed and clear directions provided over at Art Bar in their blog post titled, “Weaving with Kids”. Click here for the supplies and directions provided by Art BarArt Bar is a fabulous blog to follow, chock full of fantastic creative ideas and is such an uplifting blog to visit.

My three children really enjoyed this experience.

Picture 26 weaving - bookmarks

Miss Four really impressed us with how easily she picked this up.

Picture 4 weaving - bookmark

Master Six spent the entire time saying “over, under, over, under…”

Picture 8 weaving - bookmark

Miss Eight’s finished piece, complete with pom pom. I showed Miss Eight how to make a pom pom with a fork when she was unwell and recovering several weeks ago. Miss Eight was keen to use her new pom pom making skills for this creation.

Picture 92 weaving - bookmarks

Bookmark by Master Six:

Picture 89 weaving - bookmark

and Miss Four’s creation:

Picture 87 weaving - bookmark